FoxFab Laser & Machine | Veteran Owned in Clearfield

Based in Clearfield, Utah, we are a Veteran Owned and Operated business that fabricates, assembles, and finishes sheet metal, steel tubing, plastics, and composite components to customer specifications. We provide a wide range of supply chain solutions to customers and companies worldwide to manufacture new product lines and make modifications to existing products.

We have a dual exchange table fiber laser that can process 50 sq ft sheets of carbon steel, as well as stainless, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and other reflective and rare metals. In addition to a flat laser, we also have a rotary cutter that can cut round, square, and rectangular tubing up to 20 feet long and 8 inches in diameter.

FoxFab Laser Cutting Intricate Design in Sheet Metal
FoxFab Cutting Design for Metal Fabrication Project

We also have a brand new, 6-foot wide, 70-ton, 5-axis CNC press brake, complete with several custom die sets for close-in deep bending and flat hemming. Our services also include multiple surface finishing options, hardware insertion, tapping and countersinking, and welding. Our advanced offline and 3D machine software is highly intuitive and allows precision cutting methods that support very accurate cuts and bends to meet the most demanding applications to within 0.010” accuracy or better.

Our staff are highly proficient with advanced design and simulation CAD software suits and can assist customers throughout the product design and development process.

To sustain a competitive advantage within a rapidly changing industry, FoxFab utilizes the latest technologies and methods available to bridge the gap between production machinery, automation control, and product design and engineering. From cutting-edge 3D software suites and powerful laser cutting and press brake bending software to the latest composite fabrication processes in the manufacturing industry, we fully embrace the paradigm shift to what is known as Industry 4.0. Within this emerging endeavor, organizational learning and social and technical skills become increasingly important to enable faster and leaner operations.

Our goal is to expedite local lead times compared to similar fab shops in the greater Salt Lake area, focusing solely on each customer’s project throughout its life cycle until they are completely satisfied with their final product. From rapid prototype turnarounds to long-term production runs to one-off artistic design ideas, let FoxFab Laser and Machine be your trusted precision fabrication partner, from design to delivery.

Rapid Prototypes. High-Volume Production Runs. Functional Art. Custom Tooling And Die Sets. Limitless Possibilities.

How Creative Is Your Next Project?

Our Leadership Team

FoxFab is the vision of two friends who worked together in the aerospace manufacturing industry in Clearfield, Utah. They co-founded FoxFab Laser and Machine, Inc in early 2018 and launched their new fabrication company in late 2018.

Together they bring years of extensive and diversified experience from several high-technology manufacturing industry sectors to their new startup fabrication company.

FoxFab Tim


President, CEO
FoxFab Nate


Vice President

Our History

In 2015, Nate Gold, one of FoxFab’s co-founders and current Vice President, launched a small company called Foxau2 Reproductions. Foxau2 designs, manufactures, and sells replacement parts for the first generation 1970s model Toyota Celicas that are either no longer available for purchase from original manufacturers, are difficult or rare to find, or are too expensive to be accessible to niche market customers worldwide.

FoxFab will continue to create new and innovative products for similar vehicle models and will continue to fulfill orders for current and future Foxau2 customers at a much faster rate than ever before possible.

FoxFab Toyota Celica

Our Facility

FoxFab has over 8000 square feet of industrial manufacturing floor space, hosting a vast array of fabrication services with plenty of room to grow.

Freeport Center and Freeport West is home to more than 70 national and local companies that have a workforce of over 7,000 employees. These companies have found Freeport Center is in the best location to manufacture and distribute products.

Our Core Services

Product Development

3D CAD Designing With Solidworks

Fiber Laser Cutting

Flat Laser Cutting
Tube Laser Cutting


Precision Press Brake Forming
Machining & Welding
Hardware Insertion & Assembly

Surface Finishing

Vapor Honing/Wet Blasting
Powder Coating
Surface Grinding & Polishing
Vibratory Tumbling


Urethane Casting & Silicone Molding


Vacuum Resin Infusion Of Fiberglass And Carbon Fiber