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Fiber Laser Cutting

FoxFab has chosen a three-kilowatt (3kW) fiber laser cutting machine with two 5-foot by 10-foot auto exchange tables and a 3-axis cut head, which is enough power to cut up to 5/8″ inch steel with a 50 square foot dimensional capability per table. This allows us to match the most common material thicknesses and size demands found throughout many modern industries. Fiber lasers have a tremendous advantage over other cutting options such as Plasma, CO2, and Waterjet in that they are faster, more reliable, and lower maintenance.

FoxFab Laser Cutting Metal for Project

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Superior Cut Quality

Outperforms other cutting options in speed, efficiency, and throughput capacity.

Two 5 Foot x 10 Foot Tables

Auto exchange capability means no waiting between cutting two sheets

Advanced Nesting Software

Reduced material waste lowers overall product costs for customers

Highly Reflective Materials

Cut aluminum, copper, brass, and even certain glass /mirror sheets

1KW of Cutting Power

Enough power to cut 1/2“ steel or 1/8“ aluminum; easily upgradeable

Low Maintenance

Minimal required routine maintenance maximizes machine up-time
Fox Fab Laser Cutting Project

Although some of the other cutter options are able to cut thicker material, fiber lasers are revolutionizing the industry for a reason; they outperform other cutting machines in speed, flexibility, cut quality, and efficiency. Fiber lasers increase throughput to a capacity that would be inconceivable on older technology machines, all with the energy-efficient power of light.

Because of their operating wavelengths, fiber lasers are much more resistant to cut head damage by reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, and even certain glass and mirror sheets than other cutter options and are easy to adjust for ideal power ranges. The results are reduced overall repair costs due to solid-state components with fewer moving parts and extended normal wear and tear patterns.

As FoxFab grows, so will our capabilities. We are already planning to invest in a second fiber laser machine with two additional cut head axes for precision beveled edges and power capabilities approaching the 4kW to 5kW range with automated sheet loading/unloading features for even faster and leaner productivity.