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Tube Laser Cutting

The possibilities are truly endless for the Rotary Axis, from custom-designed tubular frame support structures to automotive and aircraft components with tight tolerances to unique prototype parts used throughout the vast market of heavy machinery and industrial manufacturing.

These capabilities allow FoxFab to offer customers solutions to those difficult projects with complicated geometrical dimensions which require many tube joints at varying angles, such as in a truss or performance vehicle chassis design

With automated 360° tubular cutting and advanced Flex3D Tubes modeling and machine control software, FoxFab gains a tremendous competitive advantage in the complex tubular frame structures market for both square and round tubes and pipes.

FoxFab Square Tube Laser Cutting

Rapid Prototypes. High-Volume Production Runs. Functional Art. Custom Tooling And Die Sets. Limitless Possibilities.

How Creative Is Your Next Project?

360° Tubular Cutting

Simultaneous rotary, Y, and Z axes motion cuts square and round tubing up to 8″ in diameter, 20″ long

Precise Focus

1.07 um wavelength and precise focal depth ensures cuts to one tube wall do not cut opposing wall

1KW of Cutting Power

Enough power to cut 1/2″ steel or 1/8″ aluminum tube walls

Unimagined Simplicity

New tube cutting and bending methods ease complex design and assembly

1KW of Cutting Power

Enough power to cut 1/2″ steel or 1/8″ aluminum; easily upgradeable

Highly Reflective Materials

Cut aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel